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One Hot Mess celebrates the journey of self-discovery, healing, and growth. We’ll explore self-improvement, relationships, spirituality, astrology, and more. Whether you’re looking for advice, motivation, or inspiration, One Hot Mess has something for you! It’s time to discover how to embrace your messy, beautiful life.🤎

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21 hours ago

Scripting for Manifestation: Breakthrough Guide.
-Step-by-step guide for scripting manifestation.
-How do you script manifest properly?
-Does scripting manifestation really work?
-What should I write when manifesting?
-Scripting manifestation examples.
-Scripting for manifestation: How many times?
-Scripting tips for beginners. 

2 days ago

Be true to yourself: How to be unapologetically YOU when the world wants conformity. 
Living unapologetically and authentically true to yourself is the key to a great life. However, it can be easier said than done.
So, let's talk about how to be true to yourself regardless of what the world thinks!

2 days ago

We are going to continue reading No Mud, No Lotus- part 3: Looking Deeply.

Thursday May 16, 2024

~Signs that You are in a Relationship with a Genuinely Authentic Person.~
-Get ready to discover the 7 signs you're in a relationship with a genuinely authentic person.
-Trust me, these insights could make all the difference between an enriching relationship and one that leaves you feeling empty.
-Being in a relationship with an authentic person is like finding a rare gem in a sea of stones. It's a treasure that can transform your life in the most profound ways.
- As you navigate your journey of love and authenticity keep these signs in mind as a guiding light toward a genuine connection.
*Actions you can take today to start living more authentically.*
*9 actions you can take today to start living more authentically.
*When you live authentically, you live in alignment with your values, beliefs, and true self.
*The good news is that there are practical actions you can start taking today to start living a more authentic life. Be sure to embrace your journey, cherish it, savor it, and most importantly LIVE IT.
*At the end of the day, there's no greater joy than being unapologetically YOU! <3

Tuesday May 14, 2024

Shadows of Deceit: Unveiling the Secrets of Cheating.
~Why does your cheating partner continue to lie? -Sometimes cheaters on the verge of getting caught dig in with more secrets and lies, but do it more effectively.
Stategies people follow to hide affairs.
~By knowing these tactics, can we better know if a partner is having an affair?
When does a partner's behavior turn into cheating?
~Most people in monogamous relationships agree that certain behaviors constitute as cheating. But people differ in their reactions to more mundane and minor events. 

Weekly/Monthly Horoscopes

Tuesday May 14, 2024

Tuesday May 14, 2024

Horoscopes for this week and the month of May for each zodiac sign.

Monday May 13, 2024

~What to Do After an Angry Outburst~
It's hard to recover when we lose our temper. But, it's possible. Learn what to do after an anger outburst so you can come back better.
-Daily Practice: One-Minute Rest-
Take time in your day, several times a day, if possible, to empty your cup and make space for what matters. You can do this very quickly by checking in with your body.

Monday May 13, 2024

~How to know yourself: Tips for beginning your self-discovery journey.
-What does self-discovery mean?
-How to start a self-discovery journey.
-7 elements of self-discovery.
-Why is self-discovery so important?
-5 benefits of self-discovery.
-How to keep yourself engaged with your self-discovery journey .
-Moving forward.
~Life purpose: The inspiration you need to find your drive.
-Why is it important to discover your purpose in life?
-What is a life purpose statement?
-How to write a life purpose statement.
-5 examples of life purpose statements.
-How can life purpose statements help you during a crisis?
-For the future.

Sunday May 12, 2024

No Mud, No Lotus- Part Two: Saying Hello
*Stopping and acknowledging suffering.
*Body and mind together.
*The pull of distractions.
*Embracing suffering.
*The Bell

Sunday May 12, 2024

*WHY PEOPLE STAY IN UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS- even though they're bad for you.*
(7 Reasons People Stay In Unhealthy Relationships).
  People do have the power to overcome their bad relationships, but it's their emotions that often keep them stuck. By acknowledging those emotions and finding the strength to move forward, we can free ourselves from the unhealthy relationships that hold us back from living our best lives.

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